Hey! I’m Cynthia, the curly head behind My Curly Mess. I’m a southern girl baked in the heat of Texas now living in the bipolar weather of Atlanta. My background is Mexican, so taco Tuesday does not exist… we like tacos every-single-day! Although, I like to blow out my hair most of the time… the real me is a curly mess of things that can start from my obsession for Dunkin Donuts coffee to my adventures around the city with my babe. Here you will find little pieces of my life put together in a story made just for you with the hopes to inspire and encourage you to be the best version of yourself!

I like watching flicks (thrillers to be exact), photography is my hobby, I like eating brunch on Saturdays, and I prefer texting over calling, who does that? I’m twenty something years young and I married the coolest dude I’ve ever met in my whole life. Lastly and most importantly, I want to share with the whole world the true happiness and freedom God has gifted me!

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Anyways, did we just become best friends?!….yup!

My Curly Mess,