This week I had the opportunity to try services from Restore Cryotherapy in Atlanta, GA. Cryotherapy can help with muscle pain, as well as some joint and muscle disorders, promotes faster healing, and restores your body overall!

I had the most relaxed time at Restore where I tried several different services they offer for health and wellness, and even beauty (that’s my personal favorite!). Dina and Tasija welcomed me in with their energetic and positive attitude right away and explained each service and how it works. Once I got a small tour, my goal was to feel like Dina and Tasija when I walked out of there. Their knowledge on the types of therapy that are offered seriously stunned me. You think that there’s a limited type of way to take care of yourself, but once you walk into Restore you’ll be shocked on what types of therapy there is now for your own health.

First, I tried the Cryotherapy Facial, which is a liquid nitrogen vapor that is applied to your face and neck to stimulate production of collagen and decrease pore size. Anything that has the word collagen, after age 25, I’m in! The vapors feel cold on your face but not in a painful way at all, it’s more of a watery fresh feeling and it was actually very relaxing. The day after, I noticed my skin was tighter, cleaner and lighter. Next, I tried PBM Therapy which is a lot like getting a tan standing up. You are standing in between two walls of red lighting that’s great for skin health, muscle recovery, athletic and sexual performance, joint pain, body contouring, mental clarity, and relaxation and sleep. It’s a red light therapy that is absorbed by your skin that leads to increased collagen production and skin health. It was warm and cozy and since your eyes adjust to the lighting it was very comfortable. Again, anything with the word collagen makes me feel happy! Lastly, I tried the “Radiant” wellness IV Drip! This is one of my favorites for the fact that it promotes collagen production directly straight into your system instead of taking your vitamins or collagen by mouth and having to wait for your body to metabolize it and only getting some if it, you’re getting all of it through the drip. How nice does that sound?

All of the services Restore provides are health and wellness based and I would have to add that it all helps with beauty as well and all so worth it! Ladies, this is the place to go to feel rejuvenated again and if you’re into working out this place will help you heal your muscles too! I loved every therapy I tried and can’t wait to go back and try Cryoskin next!

Here’s a direct link to their website and Instagram to get more info!


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