Let’s talk about some romance. It’s not easy ya’ll!

My husband and I took marriage counseling before we got married and I remember we would stay in those counseling sessions with our pastors for hours and a lot of times we would lose track of time. Those talks and wise words coming from a marriage of over 25 years were seriously one of the reasons babe and I have made it to 6 years of marriage without making our marriage into a routine or wanting to plan each others murders haha… one of you guys has to know what I’m talking about here.

One of the many things that stuck to me being there was when they told us that everything is all pretty and has butterflies when you’re dating, where everything is “babe” here and “babe” there. It’s really funny now to think that at that time we really couldn’t see past all the pretty things until we were actually there and we obviously didn’t understand what it was like to be on the other side after making a commitment to the word “I do”. Dating is definitely easier than being married if you take marriage as it should be, it’s really not just a paper like some people call it now a days or it really shouldn’t be “just a paper”. You will see a change and feel that change as well and it’s so real and so official if you take it as it should be. Being in an official relationship is supposed to make you stronger together, teach you to love each other unconditionally in all situations, and learn more about each other as you go through different stages in your relationship.

My husband and I decided to live together the day we got married. We could have done things any way we wanted to but to this day I feel we did the right decision that best fit the kind of relationship we wanted to have. We didn’t know how much there was to learn from each other every day, and still, forever. To be honest, the first year of our marriage was a puzzle piece. We were trying to find the right piece to fit in the next gap, letting every situation and disagreement mold us, and getting to know our actions and reactions in every circumstance of the stages in our relationship.

It was a struggle trying to force each other to think the same way we each thought and it just wasn’t gonna happen. We didn’t understand that there were different ‘love languages’ our personality preferred and that was not bad at all. We found that there were different types of ways that we best express to one another how much we love and appreciate each other and that was okay. Marriage is fun, exciting, adventurous, it has different stages, and this post can definitely advise you for when the right time comes for you. If you’re currently married and didn’t know about these languages I would love to show you what they are so you can better express yourself to your spouse. Or if you’re close to that ring ladies, I totally recommend this so you can get to know yourself a little better too.

Here are the 5 love languages:

  • Acts of Service
  • Quality Time
  • Receiving Gifts
  • Words of Affirmation
  • Physical Touch

by Gary Chapman

These are all different ways we use to show our partner what we all want, love! After reading each one you probably still don’t know which one is your top language, no worries! Just click here to take the quiz, it takes less than 3 minutes. Your scores will tell you which one your personality prefers the most when receiving love from others. You and your partner can do this together, it will help you understand how to show them you appreciate them, love them, honor them, and even respect them. It’s really an eye opener and so – so helpful. Have fun!

My Curly Mess,


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