Turning a quarter and a penny (26) sounds like a little pocket change but when it comes down to self-care age really does matter. Growing up I’ve had beauty and wellness advice thrown at me from all over the place like family, friends, social media, television and even on the streets on billboards. It gets overwhelming at times but it’s so important to start changing different things in our lives as an adulting woman.

Here are 5 things I found that have helped me these years and I believe it should be applied in our growing lives:

 You look the way you feel. This is very important in self-care and this is also my first bulletin to feelin’ good. I feel like a broken disc sometimes repeating this phrase to the ladies. Starting now, wake up speaking positive about yourself because we’re experts at finding our own defects in just one second. Change your routine and put your makeup on feeling important like you’re meeting with other important people and put your clothes on like you’re on your way to be photographed. You’re obviously very worthy and that is why you have yet another opportunity today to be better than yesterday. This is a must in your twenties. This will also help you to stay motivated and even grow in any position you find yourself in right now. It should be a RULE in the life of an adulting woman.

 You may not think so much of it now but it’s the key to your bouncy glowing skin. We naturally produce collagen until we get to our mid to late 20’s which gives us protein in our body and helps give structure to our hair, skin, nails, bones, ligaments and tendons. So when in your 20’s, hydration is important inside and out and should be taken more seriously in our daily routine. We all know we should drink more water, it’s true, you should! Water is the cheapest nutrient we can find everywhere and even for free. We need water to hydrate our bodies and skin which also helps us prevent different types of infections and diseases too. However, that’s not all, you should also moisturize both your face and body after your shower daily. I learned this from my mom, momma does know best. It’s actually a compliment when they tell you that you look like a 15 year old with no makeup on, and you’re 26 (thanks mom!).

Did you say eat more fries? I personally learned this the hard way. I’ve heard it’s harder for a thin person to be actively disciplined because we’re so used to not having to do it while we were growing up. Then, when we want to start excising, it’s harder both physically and mentally. A thin person doesn’t necessarily mean they’re healthy AT ALL (it’s all coming from our genes people!). After turning 21, I noticed my skin wasn’t as tight, my muscles weren’t marked, and I still wasn’t exercising. Being active in any way or activity helps you burn bad fats we consume daily and it makes us feel more energized. Making this a habit will literally give you more years of a healthy lifestyle. I’m no doctor, but I know they always tell us we should have at least 30 min of exercise daily, it’s for your own good ladies.

 You don’t have to be friends with everyone you meet and it’s okay not wanting to be around someone as much as you like to be around another person. The people you surround yourself with will either help you grow or will stall you. Between you and me, sometimes you’ve got to let people know to move a little out your way so you can keep your eye on the goal you work so hard for. Find people who support you, push you, compliment you, who are raw honest with you and will stand by you as you grow. You shouldn’t have to drag heavy weight around you when your goal is hard enough on your own.

 Yes, it means put everything where it goes and priorities before desires. By this stage in life you have bills to pay, food to buy, and big decisions to make. Get yourself a weekly planner where you can write down your appointments and payment due dates for your bills and credit cards. We all have a smart phone now, but if you’re a visual learner like me this will help the ball of worries in your brain spread into a plan where you find out it’s actually not so bad after all. Knowing what is coming in and out should also help you not over spend what you can’t or shouldn’t spend. Organizing also applies to your property, meaning your car and home. Find a time during your day or week to vacuum your car and your carpet at home. Learning to be clean will never be a bad thing, and as an adulting woman there should never-ever be an excuse.

There are many more things we can apply to our lives but these are the top 5 that have helped me grow and mature and I hope they can help you as well.

My Curly Mess,




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