My Airbnb season has been one to remember forever but is still not over yet! Gerardo and I have stayed in many different types of homes this year and all have been different and fun in their own unique way. This months stay happened to be right at home (Georgia) at the Fulton Guest House in Hampton, GA.

The Fulton Guest House is part of the Fulton’s home where we found a pool, a sauna, a Jacuzzi, a relaxing loft, and even a farm! There’s been people from 14 different countries who have stayed and enjoyed this relaxing guest house and all have said they wish they could have stayed a little longer, and I can totally see why!

David and Janet Fulton, the hosts, are a couple who have shared this beautiful part of their home with the purpose and hope to make you feel relaxed and take it slow, which is why I highly recommend this stay for couples! While babe and I were there we literally went with the flow and soaked up the sun that we haven’t had time for these days. It was relaxing, and almost like a resort type of feel. We were able to enjoy every part of the guest house and its amenities and the weather was perfect. Now that summer has officially hit, this is the place to go and enjoy for a couple of days. David and Janet were so kind and walked us through the property when we arrived so we knew our way around and where everything was.

The night we arrived Gerardo was anxious to use the sauna and Jacuzzi, so we did both and the next day we were at the pool most of the time and I was finally able to get a tan on my pale legs! Let me add that we’re a young millennial couple and we didn’t even turn on the tv once while we were there. Janet had some chocolate drizzled popcorn for us that she made herself and the next day I filled up my yeti cup with lemonade and ice and was good to go for snacks at the pool. However, we also had the chance to try David and Janet’s raspberries and blueberries they’re growing and they were so delicious! They also gave us snacks to give to the goats, mini horse, donkey and even the squirrel they have in their farm and it was such a cool experience. I called this post the lovecation stay because this was a perfect time for babe and I to just enjoy and celebrate “us”. We both feel like we came back rejuvenated and with a different perspective of life to take things slow at its own time and to just enjoy where you are in life and what’s around you.

Thank you David and Janet for such a wonderful time!

To book the Fulton Guest House Click Here!

View a short clip of my experience HERE!

My Curly Mess,



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