Last week babe and I took a trip to Tennessee where we got to experience one of the coolest stays ever in the U.S., the Wee Nook Hobbit Hole. While we were at Rock n’ Refuge, we also had the chance to view the Serenity Treehouse!

Rock ‘n Refuge is a family owned farm in McEwen, Tennessee where they offer 4 stays you can stay in (here). One of those stays is a treehouse in the middle of all of the green leafs and forest. It has a loft with a bed for you and your babe but it also has a pull out bed on the main floor. The amenities include all kitchen appliances and utensils, bathroom and shower, outdoor swing chairs and two patios you can choose from to enjoy the beautiful view outdoors.

Personally, babe and I love treehouses and as soon as we walked into the Serenity Treehouse, we saw all of the thought and creativity put into this home and how open the space is. It’s surrounded by the farm and the view here is breathtaking! I would say this stay is more of a ‘you and babe’ kind of stay but it does fit up to 4 guests.

To view this booking with Catie and David click here!

My Curly Mess,


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