In the midst of my road trip travels, babe and I had the most incredible opportunity to stay in a Hobbit Hole! Before I give you all of the details, I want to let you know that this stay was written on our travel list last year….God seriously works in mysterious ways and he made it happen sooner than later. So I want to thank the Lord publicly about this blessing we were given to visit Rock n’ Refuge!

Ever since the movie, “The Hobbit”, babe and I were thinking of going to New Zealand some day to visit the hobbit holes from the Hobbiton movie set. I love the whole architecture and design of how the holes are made. We had an amazing, unique, and unforgettable experience staying at the Wee Nook Hobbit Hole in McEwen, Tennessee.

Rock n’ Refuge is a family owned farm managed by Catie and David, the hosts. They not only have this beautiful stay at the farm, but 3 more stays available on Airbnb posted here. Babe and I met Catie’s dad, the owner of the farm, and we immediately felt so welcomed and were also given a tour around the whole farm and stays. Catie made sure we had everything we needed while we were there and she was so kind and helpful making sure we knew our way around. We literally had everything we needed in our stay and it even included real farm eggs that we enjoyed for breakfast the next morning!

The Hobbit Hole is a tiny house including a full kitchen with utensils, a queen bed, a couch, and a full bathroom inside. The space is located under a live roof with plants above and the environment inside is fresh and so peaceful. Just outside the hole there’s a small patio with chairs to enjoy the fresh air and a grill (we spotted a baby deer too, so cute!).

The property has a walk path called “The Loop” where you can walk around the farm and view their other stays, cows, chickens, goats, and even horses! Right across the barn there’s a small lake where you can swim or enjoy the hammocks, it was so relaxing being there and the whole environment is filled with bird chirping and a calming breeze, we literally had the best weather we could ever get. Rock n’ Refuge is so green, the farm is so well kept and full of activities to do or events to plan. Summer vacation is near and we’re already planning to make our second trip to stay at the Barn. We had so much fun and we both feel so recharged and ready to start our regular work week feeling like brand new, thank you Catie and David!

If you’re thinking of your summer vacation and are looking for a place to book as a couple or a family, you HAVE to go to Rock n’ Refuge and book the Hobbit Hole!

Click Here to book with Catie and David

View my experience HERE!

My Curly Mess,



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