The main focus on My Curly Mess are my adventures and experiences. Babe and I are always looking for the next adventure together and it’s been so exciting planning the next few posts I have for all of my readers. While we were planning, I went to my “Adventures List” I made early this year, and we were able to cross out the graveyard experience!

The School Bus Graveyard is located in Northern GA and it’s basically a “graveyard” or land full of what looks like abandoned cars with art. It’s almost like graffiti walls but on cars! It’s actually a private property but it’s open to the public for free, of course, with it’s rules (you will see those as you walk). You have to go inside the gravel road to let the owners know you’ll be there and then they tell you where to park and how to go up the graveyard.

The lot is full of art and it’s all so weird that it looks so cool and colorful at first sight. Babe and I walked around the lot and took a few pictures with the art we found so interesting. I recommend this place to any art and graffiti lovers, it’s a nice walk to go to with friends. Definitely a nice (not creepy) type of graveyard experience!

My Curly Mess,



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