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Are you a road trip fanatic like me? Aren’t you tired of the same ol’ – same ol’ hotels when traveling?…. Read below to find the medication that’s right for you.

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On our last trip, babe and I went to the Airstream Cabin at the Elatse’Yi Mountain Retreat where we were able to experience a different type of glamping. While we were there the hosts, Wesley and Rebekah, gave us a tour around the Geodesic Dome right beside the Airsteam Cabin and I wanted to share what we saw there….

The Geo Dome is a large living space with a parachute canopy ceiling. It’s on a patio with an outdoor table, an outdoor tub, shower, and bathroom, and a fully stocked outdoor kitchen right next to the farm.

The space is substantial for a family stay and it’s perfect for the summer! There’s a Peruvian game inside called Sapo (frog in Spanish) and it’s a coin toss game, it brings out the competitive side of you. There’s also a dining table inside, beds, and a telescope perfect for the sky view full of stars at night.

This stay is definitely not your traditional hotel so this is an adventure you should definitely consider this summer with your family!

To book the Geo Dome with Wesley and Rebekah click here!

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