One of the most beautiful places we’ve visited on our adventures has been North Georgia near the mountains and the outdoor scenery. Babe and I have a thing for glamping…

Glamping (noun) an abbreviation of ‘glamorous camping’; glamping involves all the luxuries of home. ‘Glampers’ stay in yurts, tipis or luxury caravans, instead of basic tents.

 – Macmillan Dictionary

Most of the time, as a road trip fanatic, I think I have to travel far to enjoy a nice relaxing stay to unplug, but surprisingly just about 2 hours away from the city we found this treasure and we had the exciting opportunity to experience our glamping in Elatse’Yi at the Airstream Cabin!

This was definitely the ‘oldies’ experience for us and it’s been the most outdoors-ie Airbnb stay we’ve been in so far. Our hosts were Wesley and Rebekah who own this property in Ellijay, GA and the Geo Dome right next door. They have been the sweetest hosts we’ve met and so friendly and outgoing right on the spot. They gave us a tour around both properties including the farm they own with the cutest and biggest guard dog I’ve ever seen, Max! They also have goats and chickens, definitely a different scenery than the stays we’ve been at and it was so much fun! The property is in the Elatse’Yi Mountain RetreatElatse Yi is the Cherokee term for “Green Earth” and it’s purpose is to take you out of the everyday (or ordinary) and transform you. Our stay here definitely unplugged us from the fast life we’re so used to and we were able to enjoy our mini vacation in a different way.

The Airstream Cabin has an outdoor patio right beside it that was created like a living space with couches, a table, a grill, an outdoor mini fridge, a restroom, a shower, and an outdoor Japanese tub…what! All of that in the same spot, so yeah, 5 star glamping for sure! Unfortunately, we didn’t get to jump in the tub because of the bipolar cold weather Georgia has mid April but that didn’t stop us from enjoying the rest of the activities we could do like making s’mores!

The amenities inside include a bathroom with a shower, 3 beds, a stove and oven with all kitchen utensils, a mini fridge, and a TV with a DVD player. They even included kind gestures on top of that like bath robes, chocolate and marshmallows for the fire pit, water bottles, board games, DVD’s, blankets, shampoo and customized soap bars, and REAL-FARM-EGGS! You know what they say, organic isn’t even organic, you can’t beat ‘REAL’ from a farm. By the way, the airstream has an eight track player and they’re looking for someone who can fix it to make it work again if you know of anyone!

We spent our afternoon walking through the farm and we went to the fire pit later that evening. The area is well lit at night too so we were able to enjoy some fresh air in the patio. Later, we played some checkers (I won) and then we drove just 15 minutes away for dinner where all the local restaurants are on the same street. The Elatse’Yi Mountain Retreat also has a pond and trails for you to walk through and view the forest area. It’s really a hidden treasure and a place to experience and appreciate nature in a different way with your babe or your family!

To book the Airstream Cabin with Wesley and Rebekah, click here!

My Curly Mess,



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