I have a small obsession for unusual and unique homes. The fact that these homes stand out by it’s architecture just amazes me and I just want to explore everything about it.

Babe and I had the pleasure to stay at this Airbnb Dream-Catcher Tiny House Cabin in Big Canoe, GA. This tiny cabin is located in northern Georgia in the beautiful mountains surrounded by the forest and let me add that it’s definitely a must for you and your babe. If you’ve been slacking on love this is perfect for a getaway for two and it’s as cozy as it can get! This stay was definitely an experience to remember. The cabin type is called a “tree topper” so it’s basically a home replica of a tree. It’s on a “trunk” and the cabin is the “topper” or the crown part of what a tree would have. It’s an all round cabin and it’s not really on a tree so it’s safe and so fun!

Our host, Georgia, was so sweet and made sure we had everything we needed to make our stay comfortable. The check in was super easy through the entrance gates since they already had all of our info, and the cabin entrance is by door code so there was no hassle at all. As soon as we walked in we saw a king sized bed that we couldn’t resist…for a pillow fight!

The Dream-catcher Tiny House Cabin has WiFi access, a king size bed, all kitchen utensils including a mini fridge, microwave, and of course a coffee maker. It has a kitchen, a living room, a bedroom and a bathroom all in one small cabin so you literally have everything you need for your stay. Just minutes away we had dinner at Forno Italian Pizza and since we had our date night planned we came back to watch a flick and play some games from our new subscription box! This stay was so relaxing, the decor and space was so homie and definitely set the mood for snuggles.

We had so much fun at this stay and I totally recommend it for a getaway, vacation, and even a honey moon but this is also good for just some time away from the fast life. So couples, this is what you NEED!

If you want to book with Georgia click here!

My Curly Mess,



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