One of the the most popular places in Atlanta is Ponce City Market. Babe and I have been exploring all around Georgia and found a workshop that was perfect for us… and by us I mean me. haha!

If you’ve been following my adventures here, you may know now that one of my tiny obsessions are candles. As soon as I found out there was a workshop to make your own candle…I did my happy dance, told babe right away, clapped my hands, and booked our class. Ponce City Market has stylish retail stores to shop at, a variety of choices of food you can choose from, a fun roof top you can enjoy (including a 3 story slide) and Candlefish, a candle shop and workshop.

Once you walk in the shop you find yourself in this magical space filled with pleasing and relaxing scents. They have oils, balms, candles and stationary gifts. Their workshop classes are found online where you can book. These classes are great for couples, a fun girls night, or even a daddy/mommy date with your kids. Being there with babe felt like the high school science class we never had together. I think we would be that couple that got in trouble for playing with the class beakers, mixing chemicals, and having too much fun making liquids turn purple or something like that… I can hear our pretend teacher saying “again?!”… back to real life though. It was so fun and it felt so cool to do something out of the ordinary for a date.

Our chandler, Jesse who gave us instructions, was so friendly and funny too. She walked our group class through the whole process and told us how Candlefish first started. They’re actually only a year old and are already so successful and they also have another location in North Carolina. Atlanta is pretty lucky to have them here just for us (if you also have a candle obsession and burn a candle almost everyday). They have a whole wall called the “library” filled with oils (100 to be exact) that you can choose from to make your two candles. I happened to choose #68 which is a woodsy type of smell. The real reason I chose it is because, first I love that smell and second, the honest truth, it reminded me so much of my treehouse experience! It smelled exactly like it, like exactly! It brings some great memories and I thought it would be a good idea to fill my room with it. The class was only an hour long which was enough time to look around, take your selfies, and make your candles.

This experience was definitely one we will not forget and I think we will be back again when our candles run out, and by we… I mean me.

P.S. Valentine’s day is right around the corner and they have classes booking fast! Click here to book yours and tell me all about it!

My Curly Mess,


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