This post has been waited for anxiously by my closest friends and family. Babe and I recently went on an adventure and just so happened to sleep in a treehouse!

Not too long ago, I made an adventures list. I wanted a list with things I wanted to experience with my husband. One that has spontaneous adventures and could create new memories to tell and that wouldn’t require much traveling so the focus could be on the fun. On the top of the list was Treehouse! Growing up I watched movies where kids would have their “secret spot” and had sleep overs in a treehouse or throw water balloons from up high to splash their friends. Unfortunately, like most of us, I never had a chance to have a tree house to egg the mean girl from the block, tell scary stories with friends or talk about boys up there where no one could hear the name of our crush! ha ha! I mean, how funny would I look in my 20’s in a tree house?! The thing is, you should’t kill dreams so fast, and we made it happen!

We had the pleasure to experience the Dove Elements Treehouse in northern Georgia, right around the corner from Chatanooga, Tennessee. After doing my research, I found that Treetop Hideaways has the most unique tree houses and most comfortable amenities to enjoy. We were located in between all of earths nature, in the forest. Once we got there, we went up a pathway lit by outdoor string lights. Going up, to the left, you find yourself at the Elements Dove Treehouse. Dove’s men teamed up with them and the home has men soaps, body wash, and sprays, yes, my husband loved that! The shower, oh, the shower was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G and has to be on top of the list! It’s a farmhouse style mini home, and it has wifi, a mini fridge (with complimentary drinks just for us, thanks Joy!), a sink, a loft with a window ceiling roof, oh did I mention that the bathroom has heated floors! They have a journal where all of their guests write about their stay and let me tell you, we ALL mentioned the bathroom! We experienced all of this with my sister and her, now, fiance! Just down the pathway there’s a fire pit for s’mores (comes with the package)…I know! While we were filling up our mouths with some sweetness, he kneeled and proposed, and she said yes! It was the perfect place and a beautiful setting (heart emoji’s).

Treetop Hideaways has two treehouses they offer. They have a romantic treehouse for two guests and the Elements treehouse that we stayed in, for up to four guests. Babe and I stayed in the loft so we literally slept under the stars. It was definitely something I will remember for the rest of my life and we’re already planning to go again! I want to give a special thanks to our host, Joy, who made sure we were comfortable and made our stay so delightful. To my readers, this is a must-add to your adventures list! If you would like to find more places like this click on the link to Glamping Hub where I found this amazing adventure.

My Curly Mess,



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