August 29, 2017.

Today,  in my life, I become a quarter! So here are 25 things I wanted to share:

  1. Sometimes I order pancakes or waffles WITH fries or hash browns and a side of pickles. I’ve been asked if I’m eating for two before.
  2. I use an excessive amount of napkins when I eat. I can end up with a small pile when I’m done.
  3. I’ve killed a lot of fish before at once. It was the Nemo experience (yes, through the tank tube).
  4. I can’t talk loud even when I try. I swear I hear myself screaming but no one else can notice.
  5. My husband and I play thumb war when we’re bored.
  6. I have a needle phobia. I feel pain just by looking at it. (I’m that girl who makes scenes when getting blood drawn)
  7. I’ve gotten in the wrong car before and it took me seconds to notice while my mom and sister were pointing at me ,watching me in the right car, (across me) laughing hysterically (it was the new family car) haha! It’s funny now…I’ve healed.
  8. I make southern accents with friends sometimes just for fun. Shout out to my Texans!
  9. I’ve witnessed a lady bring a squirrel with her in the airport (it was hiding in her chest).
  10. I don’t like chocolate as much as everyone else does and it makes me feel weird.
  11. I can’t eat fruits without a napkin.
  12. A soccer ball once knocked me out in elementary school.
  13. I don’t feel complete when I don’t wear earrings.
  14. I can sing the “head, shoulders, knees and toes” song in Japanese.
  15. Sometimes I forget a word in English AND Spanish and it really sucks.
  16. I run kinda funny…not kinda, really funny.
  17. I don’t like the dentist. Growing up they’ve had to put laughing gas on me so I can open my mouth and it feels so weird to laugh for no reason. You really feel like a crazy person.
  18. I’ve been confused for Indian before and someone actually spoke to me in their language.
  19. I like the chewing gum “Big Red” that everyone seems to think is disgusting.
  20. I learned to drive with a monster truck.
  21. I’ve fractured my pinky toe by jumping on a trampoline.
  22. I don’t like eating at Mexican restaurants because I feel like I can make it at home.
  23. On my first date with my, now husband, we went egging.
  24. I’ve been chased by chickens before..yes with an “s”.
  25. I love oldies and we danced one of Grease’s songs at my wedding – “You’re the one that I want”..my husband did the worm dance.

My Curly Mess,


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